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Update: 3 Mar 2024 : Hi All. I'm just trying to catch up on the people who contacted me over the past few months. I'll prioritize them then probably take another break until around May. I'm sorry if you haven't received a reply yet. That's just how I make this hobby work around work / family life - I make a few, then I ignore my emails for a few months until I get another block of time.

The Megacart is super cool though :) It even supports some converted Coleco and MSX titles now like Gyruss, Time Pilot, and Tutankham as well as the SC-3000 tape software etc.

So check out the buy page to register your interest for the next batch and I will (eventually) contact you when I have more available. Your best bet to eventually get one is to let me know you're interested, then send me a polite follow up if you haven't heard anything for a few weeks. This is a hobby, not a job :)

In the meantime you can enjoy this timelapse video showing what it takes to assemble a Megacart.

Update: 30 May 2019 :Try out the SC-3000 / SG-1000 Megacart yourself in the MAME emulator. We are still building a few of these for genuine enthusiasts but it may take a while. And if you just want to play in the emulator, that's cool too.

News Headlines

Timelapse Video of Sega SC-3000 Megacart Assembly... 25 April 2022

Check out this timelapse video with a bit of commentary that shows what it takes to assemble a Megacart.

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Sega SC-3000 Survivors MEGACART emulated in MAME / MEKA... 30 May 2019

Try SC-3000 Survivors MEGACART for yourself in the MAME emulator and help the SC-3000 live on forever.

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Sega SC-3000 Survivors MEGACART available... 17 May 2018

The SC-3000 Survivors MEGACART is available - twice the storage, twice the fun :)

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Tape Restoration Project - Dungeons Beneath Cairo Release... 27 Aug 2015

Neat little 80s D&D RPG style game. This one required a more advanced remastering technique.

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Sega SP-400 Plotter Pie Chart Demo Video... 26 Aug 2015

This is Demo #1 from the Sega SP-400 Plotter Printer user manual. It draws a pie chart, colours in the segments, and then draws a legend (again with colours).

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Sega SP-400 Plotter Printer unboxing and self test... 25 Aug 2015

After many years I have finally acquired a Sega SP-400 Plotter Printer. I'm like a kid in a candy shop :)

Enjoy this video of the unboxing and printer self test. When I get time I will add some printer demos to the multicart.

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The Great SC-3000 Survivors Tape Restoration Project New Releases... 19 July 2015

Two new releases for the tape restoration project today - The House and Help by Michael Howard.

Sorry about the delay in releases - life is busy :)

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The Great SC-3000 Survivors Tape Restoration Project... 16 April 2015

We've always had a long term plan to clean up and release the SC-3000 tape software into the wild. We've finally started with Vortex Blaster and The Secret of Bastow Manor.

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SC-3000 / SC-3000H Multicarts available again, plus some cool new labels... 5 Feb 2013

The new run of SC-3000 Multicart PCBs is here, and we have some very cool new labels for the cart cases.

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Astro Dodge - New release for SC-3000 / SC-3000H / SG-1000... 8 Dec 2012

We are very excited to announce that Revival Studios is now accepting orders for Astro Dodge, a new cartridge game for the Sega SC-3000 / SG-1000.

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The Great SC-3000 Survivors Cartridge Case Project... 7 Dec 2012

To cut a long story short, we can now make our own awesome SC-3000 Survivors Cartridge cases, and all Multicarts ship with a case! Check out how we did it.

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Print your own Multicart Labels (updated)... 30 Mar 2012

The Multicarts all ship with a couple of labels. But here is a PDF label sheet if you want to print your own.

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Multicart User Manual v1.01... 22 Mar 2012

The User Manual is now available. It includes common stuff like a Quick Start Guide and Caring for your Cart as well as more detailed information on the Multicart Architecture. Check it out.

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Inkjet Hell... 13 Mar 2012

Labels? We don't need no stinking labels!

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SC-3000 Multicarts are shipping now... 2 Mar 2012

We shipped out the first two production multicarts on March 2. Thunderbirds are go!

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Deadly Jewel of Antark and Satellite Salvage... 27 Feb 2012

We've just found two classic titles that haven't been seen in 25 years. Check out the latest video showing the Deadly Jewel of Antark and Satellite Salvage.

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Added 40 more tapes to SC-3000 Multicart (now 70+ tapes)... 21 Feb 2012

We're making good progress and it looks like we should hit that 1 March shipping date. Here are our recent achievements.

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The SC-3000 Multicart PCBs have arrived... 9 Feb 2012

Good news - the new SC-3000 Multicart PCBs are here! We have some more tweaks to make to the cart software, but we will start shipping these on 1 March 2012.

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Lots more SC-3000 tape software goodness... 1 Feb 2012

Hi All. Just a quick note to let you know we've added a pile another 13 interesting items of Sega SC-3000 tape software to the cart.

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Sega Music Editor Demo Tunes on Multicart... 8 Jan 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! We're in the process of confirming the Multicart PCB order with Futurlec and we've added the Sega / Grandstand Music Cart Demo Cassette tunes to the Music Editor on the multicart.

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Xevious on the Sega SC-3000... 14 Dec 2011

SMSPower released a dump of Xevious for the Korean Gamboy / Master System clone. But since this runs in legacy mode I wanted to try it on the Sega SC-3000. The original ROM has a couple of errors that stop it working properly with the TMS9929A VDP, but I fixed those. Enjoy!

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PCB Jumper Mods - likely production layout... 11 Dec 2011

I added a couple of jumpers to the PCB design over the weekend, and I'm likely to start confirming orders and order the PCBs soon...

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Mike Hadrup's Print 64 routines in Boot Menu... 5 Dec 2011

The SC-3000's text mode doesn't let us fit much on the Multicart Boot Menu. So I grabbed Mike Hadrup's awesome Print 64 routines from Sega Computer October 1987 and plugged them under the hood...

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These pages are dedicated to designing and building home brew Multicarts for the Sega SC-3000. We have instructions on how to build your own 32-n-1 Multicart and we will periodically update with new ideas we are working on. This site is a work in progress, so let us know what you think.

Why? Three reasons:

Let me just get the disclaimer out of the way right at the start:


We take no responsibility for any damage caused to you, your property, your favourite cat, dog, pet bird, Uncle Bob, or Aunt May by the use or misuse of the information contained in the SC-3000 Survivors Multicart Project. We've done our best to come up with a project that is relatively safe and simple, but everything you do is at your own risk.

Nuff said.


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Section II: Experimentation - the failed MK 0 Multicart and the original Breadboard Setup

Section III: The SC-3000 Mk II Multicart - Circuit Board, Boot Menu, 32KB SRAM, and Tape Games

Section IV: The SG-1000/SC-3000 Cartridge Case Project

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